Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons is now Live!

At long last! I released Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light, one of my official debut novels in the Amazon KDP realm, on November 11, 2019. Now, beginning September 4, 2021, the sequel is out! Note: I have a schedule for my book publications that I follow. Dark Hearts 3 is currently set to be releasedContinue reading “Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons is now Live!”

Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light

Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light is available on Amazon! Prices: $0.00 (free) if subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. $0.99 for the Kindle Edition Summary: A group of friends are excited when they go to bed on July 3, 2018. But the excitement doesn’t last long. Each of them are awakened early on July 4, 2018 toContinue reading “Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light”