Next Book coming later this month!

It is already almost Book Launch Week again. The next book will show urban exploration combining with paranormal hauntings: It’s The Haunting of the Manor! I am working in this book with great haste. I typed about 62 pages in the span of two days last week. As of now, I have the release dateContinue reading “Next Book coming later this month!”

Special Announcement (Upcoming Events).

Today has been quite the day in the realm of Books for me so far. As a reader of my Blog, you get exclusive updates (updates posted on the Blog before they are announced in other places). Here are a few that I have decided upon today: For the last two weeks, I have beenContinue reading “Special Announcement (Upcoming Events).”

The Reoccurring is going on Sale!

The Reoccurring, a mystery crime book by me, is going on Sale! Details: The Sale will begin on Thursday, August 19, 2021. The eBook edition will be marked down to $0.99 (original price is $2.99) for a limited time. Be sure to purchase the book while the sale is ongoing! Limited time offer! Synopsis: StuckContinue reading “The Reoccurring is going on Sale!”

My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past Update.

Ah! The deadline I set for myself for completing the typing stage for My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past has been extended to tomorrow. I was not able to finish it yesterday but some Book Work today landed me on the final chapter. It is only that and the Epilogue until its typing isContinue reading “My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past Update.”

Official Upcoming Release Dates.

The next 2 release dates for my upcoming books are official:—My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past: Releasing August 15, 2021.—Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons (eBook exclusive): Releasing September 2, 2021. I will release the Synopsis for My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past once I have it ready. You Blog subscribers and view-goers getContinue reading “Official Upcoming Release Dates.”