The Haunting of the Manor Book One Release Date

Front Book Cover.

At long last, The Haunting of the Manor Book One will be available for Preorder by the end of this month (September 2021)! I will likely run the preorder for 5-7 days.

Prices are still undecided, though this book will most likely be included in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats. It will also likely be enrolled with KU. As of now, I am thinking the ebook will be $1.99. I am totally unsure about the other formats.

Those updates are all I have for you right now! Nonetheless, here is the synopsis:

Nobody dared to set foot within the bounds of the Manor Property ever since all the residents were murdered. The mysterious murders brought about an undefeatable evil that will forever haunt the Manor. A demon not to be disturbed.

Blake fails to heed to all the warnings when he loses his phone. A tracker says it is in the attic of the Manor. With the light of the day and flashlights as protection, Blake and five of his closest buddies enter the Manor. Blake wants revenge against the phone thief at any cost.

But the six quickly conclude all the rumors they’ve heard about the Property are completely true. They find themselves haunted by evil and restless spirits. When they try to escape, they realize the exits are invisibly blocked. The only way out is through the attic.

The concealed mysteries of the Property are uncovered as the six continue their dangerous travels toward the attic. What they fail to realize is that a supreme darkness lurks throughout the House, and he’s hungry for fresh blood.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Hardcovers Coming Soon!

Amazon KDP officially released the Beta form of their Hardcovers yesterday. As soon as I had the time, I hastily (it took 3 hours and 9 minutes) formed the Hardcover Edition for The Reoccurring. Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light is too small, so I’ll have to resize it for a Hardcover Edition. Right now, Hardcovers must be between 75 and 550 Pages. This will probably change.

The Hardcover Edition for The Reoccurring will be available later this week or at the beginning of next week! It will be $19.99 (Hardcover printing is expensive). The other 2 formats will remain at their prices. Stay tuned for updates into the Hardcovers! Happy reading and writing!

2021 Q4 Books

Many triumphs have been logged since I started my KDP Journey in 2019. To keep this short, here are some Book Updates as Q4 of 2021 creeps around the corner:

The Next Book (and hence the final book of Q3 2021): The Haunting of the Manor Book 1 (Preorder coming soon).

The First Book of Q4 2021: Most likely The Universal War Book 1: The Eternity Maze or The Broken Kingdom Book 2: Secrets of the Land.

The Second Book of Q4 2021: Whichever Book was not published as the First Book of Q4 2021.

The Third Book of Q4 2021: A Long Collection of Short Stories: Volume 1 or My Dark Tragedies Book 2: The Evil Workings.

Note: A Long Collection of Short Stories: Volume 1 will be a bonus book releasing sometime before the Conclusion of 2021. It will either be the third or fourth book released in Q4 2021.

The Fifth Book of Q4 2021: Either The Zedian War (currently thinking about the name) or The Universal War Book 2 or Dark Hearts 3. December 2021 is just too far away to decide yet.

Anyway, there are the announcements for now! Happy reading and stay tuned for more Updates! If you have any questions about Self-Publishing, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will answer them!

Next Book coming later this month!

It is already almost Book Launch Week again.

The next book will show urban exploration combining with paranormal hauntings: It’s The Haunting of the Manor!

I am working in this book with great haste. I typed about 62 pages in the span of two days last week. As of now, I have the release date set to September 28, 2021. I do, however, want to set the book up for preordering no later than September 22, 2021. It is too early to determine exactly when the book will go up for preorder or be released. I will continue to update these pages when I set a more official timeline. For now, enjoy this short tease:

Everyone in the tiny Texas town knows to stay away from the Manor Property. One man claimed to be the only son of the dead couple, and after that, he was never seen or heard from again. Rumors say evil spirits roam within the bounds of the Property with incessant darkness, desperately waiting for someone to be foolishly ebullient enough to step foot within the land. When they do, they stand no chance.

Happy reading and writing! Make sure to comment any publishing inquiries and I will answer them!

Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons is now Live!

At long last! I released Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light, one of my official debut novels in the Amazon KDP realm, on November 11, 2019. Now, beginning September 4, 2021, the sequel is out!

Note: I have a schedule for my book publications that I follow. Dark Hearts 3 is currently set to be released sometime at the beginning of 2022 (January or February), though this may change as Book 3 development has yet to officially begin.

Dark Hearts 2 Amazon Link:

Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons: Prices:

  • eBook Copies are $0.99 (current official price) or free with KU.
  • Paperback Copies are $5.99 (The Dark Hearts Books were met to be eBook exclusives but I decided to add Paperbacks following Rising Demons development).

Synopsis: Book 2 of the Dark Hearts Series is finally here!
Warning: Potential Spoilers in this Synopsis.
Pinestock, Arkansas will never forget that day. July 4, 2018 was a bloodbath. A massacre. Nobody who lived through the day can ever be the same again.
Jane Smarths was captured and accused of the killings. The small town thought it was over. The murderer had been caught.
But then she escaped. Before she did, she promised her return the following year.
Now, one year later, the town of Pinestock, Arkansas is once again plunged into fear and despair as bodies begin dropping yet again, but it is worse this time. There are more bodies. Jane has some partners.
Can the survivors of the 2018 murders bind together in their fractured states and finally bring an end to the killings or will Jane evade prosecution once again?

I will continue to update the Dark Hearts folder (Category) whenever I have changes to announce. Until then: happy reading and stay vigilant!

My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past is Live!

Beginning August 14, 2021, My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past is available on in Paperback and eBook formats (Hardcovers and Audiobooks are still a little ways down the road I think).


  • $0.99 for an eBook Copy (official price for now) or free with KU.
  • $8.99 for a Paperback Copy.


Trapped in a bloody repetition of his haunted past, Casey finds himself in a massive mess of familial betrayal, hidden lies, and a psychotic mind. His insanity only worsens when he meets Julian and Charlotte, two close friends that contain connections to his past and future to an unfathomable degree.
Then the stalker emerges. Casey quickly finds himself to be the target of a ruthless man who has unfinished business with him. This man—another person from his evil past—has returned to kill Casey to finally fulfil his murderous rages.
Then there is Amelia. Casey finds himself oddly enthralled by her calming presence, but everything changes when the man and other dark figures from Casey’s past begin targeting her, forcing Casey into an endless war with himself and his own mind.
Everything connects to Casey’s forgotten past. It is going to be a war to the end. A war that will undoubtedly throw Casey and his allies into a fight for their lives.


My Dark Tragedies Book 2 is the next book in this Series. As of current times, I have its release date set to be around December 15, 2021 (the last of my books to be published in 2021). The release date is tentative as I commenced earlier developmental stages for the book at the beginning of this month (September 2021).

Another update: Initially, the My Dark Tragedies Series was set to contain 2 Books (Book 1 and Book 2). Luckily for me, I thought of a neat plot twist that would plunge the characters into Book 3 for an epic crossover final battle-so prepare yourselves.

Happy reading!

Special Announcement (Upcoming Events).

Today has been quite the day in the realm of Books for me so far. As a reader of my Blog, you get exclusive updates (updates posted on the Blog before they are announced in other places). Here are a few that I have decided upon today:

For the last two weeks, I have been debating whether to keep the Dark Hearts series as an eBook exclusive series or to begin making Paperbacks for each book (alongside their eBooks). As of now, the series has six planned books, one of which is finished and another in development. Today, I made the decision: the Dark Hearts Series will move to Paperback Editions while the eBook Editions remain.

I will begin developing the Paperback Copies for Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light (originally published November 11, 2019) tomorrow. I hope to have the Paperback ready for submitting within four days and ultimately have it be available for purchasing by next week. It will most likely be $4.99.

Another announcement in the Dark Hearts Series: After about one year and nine months, the typing of Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons has officially commenced! The current Release Date for this Book is Thursday, September 2, 2021 (two weeks from today). The second Book will be available for eBook and Paperback Editions on that date. It will also be between two and three times as long as the first book (currently planned: between 150-210 Pages).

Also, The Universal War Series, a fantasy series that tells the Story of Lily and the Dark Space and the War between the Light and the Dark for total control over the Universe, has commenced its typing stage today. I first typed the book in August of 2018 (three years ago) and actually finished it. I edited it and deemed it ready for Publishing in August of 2020 (one year ago) while I was typing The Reoccurring. In October 2020, the same month that I finished typing the Reoccurring, I deemed The Universal War Book 1 as “not good enough” for Publishing, and thus began the retyping stage today (I cancelled the idea but returned to it, as well as a lot of other Book ideas).

The final announcement (if I remember all of them) is the Book that will be released after Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons. I initially decided on The Universal War Book 1 but have since changed the idea. I believe I will need more time to develop that Story, so I have moved its release date to sometime in October or November of 2021. The Book that will be released instead is currently set to be The Haunting of the Manor (potential name). I have not yet commenced development into the Story, but I have thought of some basic details. It will be a paranormal/supernatural mystery combined with urban exploration thrills. Its release date, though tentative, is currently set to September 22, 2021 or September 28, 2021.

Thus, the following set of releases is as follows:

Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons: September 2, 2021.

The Haunting of the Manor: September 22, 2021 or September 28, 2021.

The Universal War Book 1: October or November 2021.

The Broken Kingdom Book 2: October or November 2021.

There are the updates for the current decisions and times. If you have any questions regarding publishing or using Amazon’s KDP platform (what I currently use), feel free to contact me at and I will try to respond quickly! Happy reading to all and have a nice day!