The Haunting of the Manor Book One Release Date

Front Book Cover.

At long last, The Haunting of the Manor Book One will be available for Preorder by the end of this month (September 2021)! I will likely run the preorder for 5-7 days.

Prices are still undecided, though this book will most likely be included in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats. It will also likely be enrolled with KU. As of now, I am thinking the ebook will be $1.99. I am totally unsure about the other formats.

Those updates are all I have for you right now! Nonetheless, here is the synopsis:

Nobody dared to set foot within the bounds of the Manor Property ever since all the residents were murdered. The mysterious murders brought about an undefeatable evil that will forever haunt the Manor. A demon not to be disturbed.

Blake fails to heed to all the warnings when he loses his phone. A tracker says it is in the attic of the Manor. With the light of the day and flashlights as protection, Blake and five of his closest buddies enter the Manor. Blake wants revenge against the phone thief at any cost.

But the six quickly conclude all the rumors they’ve heard about the Property are completely true. They find themselves haunted by evil and restless spirits. When they try to escape, they realize the exits are invisibly blocked. The only way out is through the attic.

The concealed mysteries of the Property are uncovered as the six continue their dangerous travels toward the attic. What they fail to realize is that a supreme darkness lurks throughout the House, and he’s hungry for fresh blood.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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