Next Book coming later this month!

It is already almost Book Launch Week again.

The next book will show urban exploration combining with paranormal hauntings: It’s The Haunting of the Manor!

I am working in this book with great haste. I typed about 62 pages in the span of two days last week. As of now, I have the release date set to September 28, 2021. I do, however, want to set the book up for preordering no later than September 22, 2021. It is too early to determine exactly when the book will go up for preorder or be released. I will continue to update these pages when I set a more official timeline. For now, enjoy this short tease:

Everyone in the tiny Texas town knows to stay away from the Manor Property. One man claimed to be the only son of the dead couple, and after that, he was never seen or heard from again. Rumors say evil spirits roam within the bounds of the Property with incessant darkness, desperately waiting for someone to be foolishly ebullient enough to step foot within the land. When they do, they stand no chance.

Happy reading and writing! Make sure to comment any publishing inquiries and I will answer them!

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