2021 Q4 Books

Many triumphs have been logged since I started my KDP Journey in 2019. To keep this short, here are some Book Updates as Q4 of 2021 creeps around the corner:

The Next Book (and hence the final book of Q3 2021): The Haunting of the Manor Book 1 (Preorder coming soon).

The First Book of Q4 2021: Most likely The Universal War Book 1: The Eternity Maze or The Broken Kingdom Book 2: Secrets of the Land.

The Second Book of Q4 2021: Whichever Book was not published as the First Book of Q4 2021.

The Third Book of Q4 2021: A Long Collection of Short Stories: Volume 1 or My Dark Tragedies Book 2: The Evil Workings.

Note: A Long Collection of Short Stories: Volume 1 will be a bonus book releasing sometime before the Conclusion of 2021. It will either be the third or fourth book released in Q4 2021.

The Fifth Book of Q4 2021: Either The Zedian War (currently thinking about the name) or The Universal War Book 2 or Dark Hearts 3. December 2021 is just too far away to decide yet.

Anyway, there are the announcements for now! Happy reading and stay tuned for more Updates! If you have any questions about Self-Publishing, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will answer them!

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