Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons is now Live!

At long last! I released Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light, one of my official debut novels in the Amazon KDP realm, on November 11, 2019. Now, beginning September 4, 2021, the sequel is out!

Note: I have a schedule for my book publications that I follow. Dark Hearts 3 is currently set to be released sometime at the beginning of 2022 (January or February), though this may change as Book 3 development has yet to officially begin.

Dark Hearts 2 Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FG9JG1Q

Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons: Prices:

  • eBook Copies are $0.99 (current official price) or free with KU.
  • Paperback Copies are $5.99 (The Dark Hearts Books were met to be eBook exclusives but I decided to add Paperbacks following Rising Demons development).

Synopsis: Book 2 of the Dark Hearts Series is finally here!
Warning: Potential Spoilers in this Synopsis.
Pinestock, Arkansas will never forget that day. July 4, 2018 was a bloodbath. A massacre. Nobody who lived through the day can ever be the same again.
Jane Smarths was captured and accused of the killings. The small town thought it was over. The murderer had been caught.
But then she escaped. Before she did, she promised her return the following year.
Now, one year later, the town of Pinestock, Arkansas is once again plunged into fear and despair as bodies begin dropping yet again, but it is worse this time. There are more bodies. Jane has some partners.
Can the survivors of the 2018 murders bind together in their fractured states and finally bring an end to the killings or will Jane evade prosecution once again?

I will continue to update the Dark Hearts folder (Category) whenever I have changes to announce. Until then: happy reading and stay vigilant!

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