Special Announcement (Upcoming Events).

Today has been quite the day in the realm of Books for me so far. As a reader of my Blog, you get exclusive updates (updates posted on the Blog before they are announced in other places). Here are a few that I have decided upon today:

For the last two weeks, I have been debating whether to keep the Dark Hearts series as an eBook exclusive series or to begin making Paperbacks for each book (alongside their eBooks). As of now, the series has six planned books, one of which is finished and another in development. Today, I made the decision: the Dark Hearts Series will move to Paperback Editions while the eBook Editions remain.

I will begin developing the Paperback Copies for Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light (originally published November 11, 2019) tomorrow. I hope to have the Paperback ready for submitting within four days and ultimately have it be available for purchasing by next week. It will most likely be $4.99.

Another announcement in the Dark Hearts Series: After about one year and nine months, the typing of Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons has officially commenced! The current Release Date for this Book is Thursday, September 2, 2021 (two weeks from today). The second Book will be available for eBook and Paperback Editions on that date. It will also be between two and three times as long as the first book (currently planned: between 150-210 Pages).

Also, The Universal War Series, a fantasy series that tells the Story of Lily and the Dark Space and the War between the Light and the Dark for total control over the Universe, has commenced its typing stage today. I first typed the book in August of 2018 (three years ago) and actually finished it. I edited it and deemed it ready for Publishing in August of 2020 (one year ago) while I was typing The Reoccurring. In October 2020, the same month that I finished typing the Reoccurring, I deemed The Universal War Book 1 as “not good enough” for Publishing, and thus began the retyping stage today (I cancelled the idea but returned to it, as well as a lot of other Book ideas).

The final announcement (if I remember all of them) is the Book that will be released after Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons. I initially decided on The Universal War Book 1 but have since changed the idea. I believe I will need more time to develop that Story, so I have moved its release date to sometime in October or November of 2021. The Book that will be released instead is currently set to be The Haunting of the Manor (potential name). I have not yet commenced development into the Story, but I have thought of some basic details. It will be a paranormal/supernatural mystery combined with urban exploration thrills. Its release date, though tentative, is currently set to September 22, 2021 or September 28, 2021.

Thus, the following set of releases is as follows:

Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons: September 2, 2021.

The Haunting of the Manor: September 22, 2021 or September 28, 2021.

The Universal War Book 1: October or November 2021.

The Broken Kingdom Book 2: October or November 2021.

There are the updates for the current decisions and times. If you have any questions regarding publishing or using Amazon’s KDP platform (what I currently use), feel free to contact me at brysen.taylor10@yahoo.com and I will try to respond quickly! Happy reading to all and have a nice day!

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