My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past Update.

Ah! The deadline I set for myself for completing the typing stage for My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past has been extended to tomorrow. I was not able to finish it yesterday but some Book Work today landed me on the final chapter. It is only that and the Epilogue until its typing is completed now.

On another note, I think I have settled on official prices. The Book will still release on Sunday, August 15, 2021. eBook copies will go for $2.99. I am currently undecided on a definitive Paperback price but it will surely be $10.00 or under.

It’s almost Book Launch Week… that means daily updates on the happenings of the Book.

Stay tuned for further updates! I will do some math with US and International Shipping to really decide Paperback Pricing.

Until next time. Chow.

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