A Short Introduction

The journey for your next favorite book starts here.

I am Brysen Taylor, a Self-Published Author with a drive to not only increase my audience and get my books into the world, but to also assist others in doing so. On the Blog, you may find

  • Updates on my Books including Release Dates, Links, and other work updates.
  • Advice in the Universe of Self-Publishing.
  • Book Marketing and Advertising Techniques.
  • An Email Subscribe section so you never miss out on anything new.

My Books spread across many genres, primary including:

  • Realistic Fiction (and General Fiction).
  • Suspense and Thrillers.
  • Mysteries.
  • Crime.
  • Tragedies.
  • Science Fiction.
  • Action and Adventure.
  • Horror.
  • Short Stories.

This all may not seem like much, but I can assure you there is much more to come. Stay up-to-date on all my latest releases and advice into Self-Publishing by signing up for my Email Subscription List!

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